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Suss Media Feature “Soulmate Riddim”

    Suss Media Special Featured Riddim!Continue Reading

Tifa “Champion Bubbler” (Video shoot) sneak peek!!!! @tifamusic

Shot yesterday at Stanley Couch Gym downtown Kingston.Continue Reading

Dear Dr Cocky!!!!!!

IS IT CHEATING IF ITS A WOMAN? This simple question had me really thinking about what the correct answer is or the politically correct answer. The “politically correct” answer is hell yeah its cheating, any sexual relationship outside or your relationship is “cheating” But they didn’t ask “DEAR PASTOR” or “DEAR ABBY” dem ask meContinue Reading


Why can’t he love me or leave me alone? Dear Dr Cocky  I have been seeing my fiance for over 3 years now. I love him with all my heart and I am willing to do anything for the prosperity of our relationship.Continue Reading

Dear Dr.Cocky!!!!!!!!

DEAR DR COCKY      Mi have a lil issue with my girl and I wanted your opinion on how to move forward. I’ve been seeing my girl for a lil under  year and everything is great but our sex life has become somewhat redundant. Mi no wah say boring. Me wah fi spice it up,Continue Reading